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Survey: Alimony distribution has shifted

A few decades ago, men made up a small percentage of spouses who received alimony post divorce. Even in 2010, that percentage remained stagnant. Roughly 3 percent of men received alimony from female spouses that year. Fast forward just 5 years later to today and, according to a recent survey, the landscape has seemingly changed.

The survey was conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, an organization consisting of preeminent family lawyers from all across the country. Practitioners surveyed revealed that they have seen a substantial increase in the number of men receiving spousal support from their ex-wives.

So, what are the reasons behind the shift? All theories point to a common denominator: a change in economic balance between genders.

Women today no longer make up the majority of spouses who take on most of the domestic and child-rearing responsibilities. In fact, neither parent does. The luxury of having one spouse as a stay-at-home parent is no longer feasible in our 21st century economic climate. Duel earning households make up today's average family.

As a result, more women today comprise more of the work force-and many are taking on both professional and executive positions that are often accompanied with high salaries. And, as more women climb the corporate ladder, more men are also turning down high paying "super charged" career choices.

The trend is certainly food for thought, proving that today's family dynamic is always evolving. It remains to be seen what trends will appear in the years to come.

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