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What exactly does equitable distribution mean in a FL divorce?

When a divorce occurs, property division laws of the state where the divorce petition is filed will play a huge part in determining the allocation of a couple's assets and property.

The state of Florida follows equitable distribution. But what exactly does this mean?

When it comes to property division, states either follow community property or equitable distribution laws. In basic terms, community property laws mandate an equal division of marital property when a divorce occurs.

Alternately, equitable distribution states require a "fair and equitable" division. This basically means that money or assets acquired during the marriage will be divided fairly-not necessarily 50/50.

Most states, including Florida, follow equitable distribution division.

Courts give consideration to a variety of factors when allocating an equitable division of property in a Florida divorce. The length of the marriage and the age and health of the spouses are among the long list of factors courts use.

These same factors are also examined when dividing marital debt obligations as well.

Individuals are encouraged to consult with an experienced family law attorney in their jurisdiction to learn more about equitable distribution laws and how they will apply to their specific circumstances.

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