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April 2016 Archives

Governor once again says no to alimony reform

Back in March, our blog discussed how Florida was once again on the cusp of major changes in the area of family law -- particularly in relation to both alimony and child custody -- thanks to a rather progressive piece of legislation sitting on the desk of Governor Rick Scott.

An equitable split: Examining property division in Florida - II

A few weeks back, our blog began discussing how the division of property is one of the most important issues to divorcing spouses, often trailing only child custody and visitation. More significantly, we began discussing how Florida is an equitable division state -- meaning property is divided in an evenhanded manner, not automatically 50-50 -- and the factors that judges may consider when making this determination.

An equitable split: Examining property division in Florida

When it comes to the various issues that must be resolved in a divorce, the one that is typically of paramount importance to both spouses is child custody. However, the issue that frequently occupies the second slot -- or the first if the couple has no children -- is the division of property.

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