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May 2016 Archives

Potential issues with Florida's child time-sharing laws?

This year, changes have yet again been proposed for some of Florida's family laws. Some of these measures, like one suggesting sweeping reforms for the state's alimony laws, have already been defeated in the legislature. Others, good-intentioned as they may be, are unlikely to pass.

Pros and cons of a "gray divorce"

America's population has been trending older for several years now. This is mainly due to a combination of increasing life spans and lower birth rates. Whatever the cause, though, our seniors are now living active, independent lives longer than ever before. With that, comes a premium on personal happiness, leading many people to make the difficult decision to leave decades-long unhappy marriages in a rash of what legal experts have termed "gray" divorces.

How much do you know about alternatives to traditional divorce? - II

In a previous post, we began exploring how couples who make the difficult decision to end their marriage will be confronted with a host of important questions right out of the gate, including the exceedingly important inquiry of how exactly they want their divorce to proceed.

Handling the family business during a divorce

We've previously talked about how property is divided during a divorce, namely the concept of "equitable distribution," and what that means for both spouses. Some types of property are much easier to divvy up than others, though. Selling the marital home and dividing the proceeds, for example, is a relatively straightforward process. The same isn't necessarily true when a family business is involved.

How much do you know about alternatives to traditional divorce?

When a couple decides there is no turning back from a divorce, they will inevitably find themselves at something of a crossroads as to how they want to proceed. Do they want to save time, money and energy? Do they want to make things easier for their children? Do they want to preserve their family-run business?

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