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How QDROs factor into the division of retirement assets - III

In today's post, we'll conclude our ongoing discussion of qualified domestic relations orders, meaning the legally binding documents establishing the right of a former spouse -- referred to as the "alternate payee" -- to receive their share of ERISA-qualified retirement assets.  

3 necessities of a successful parenting plan

The most important decisions you will make during your divorce are the ones that affect your children. When you and the other parent let marital struggles cloud your judgment, your kids become equally impacted by the emotional tumult and the court's proceedings. By considering your children's needs throughout the separation, you have the ability to make the whole ordeal far less difficult. One of the ways to achieve this is to use a parenting plan.

How QDROs factor into the division of retirement assets - II

Last time, our blog began discussing how those couples who have been married longer have generally accumulated more assets, including retirement funds. We also discussed how if these couples someday make the difficult decision to legally dissolve their marriage, they should know that any division of these retirement funds -- from 401(k)s to profit sharing plans and pensions -- must be accompanied by what is known as a qualified domestic relation order.

How QDROs factor into the division of retirement assets

It perhaps goes without saying that the longer a couple has been married, the more complicated their divorce is likely to be. That's because they may have children, they may have arranged for one spouse to exit the workforce to help raise their children, and, of course, they may have accumulated more assets.

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