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Important considerations for women who outearn their spouse

In the not too-distant past, social norms dictated that when it came to family and work, there was a very distinct pattern to which married couples should adhere. Indeed, the role of primary breadwinner was to be filled by the husband, while the role of primary caregiver was to be filled by the wife.

Is the increasing divorce rate responsible for the decline in U.S. migration?

While chances are good that some of your closest friends, next-door neighbors or fellow co-workers are transplants, meaning at some point they packed up and moved here to Florida from another state, chances are also good that you've met increasingly fewer of these transplants over the years.

Served with a domestic violence injunction? How to deal

They say that anger is almost always a secondary emotion--dig deep and you will find that anger is really fueled by fear, betrayal or sadness. When a couple goes from loving each other to calling it quits, it is usually due to a series of disappointments, failed expectations and recriminations. No one walks down the aisle believing their marriage is temporary. So when you reach the point where you choose to no longer to be a couple, it is usually accompanied by a great deal of hurt.

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