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Why collaborative divorce might be right for you

When people hear the term divorce, the words that most often come to mind are disrespect, mendacity, anger, frustration, and, of course, conflict. What if, however, the words that came to mind when a person thought of divorce were the exact opposite, meaning respect, honesty, dignity, fairness and cooperation.

While this may seem like an impossibility, it is actually the reality for countless couples who elected to end their marriage outside of the traditional litigation model via a process known as collaborative divorce.

In very basic terms, collaborative divorce is a process in which the two soon-to-be-former spouses each retain the services of specially trained attorneys and the four parties come together in a series of meetings to negotiate a mutually acceptable solution on all divorce-related matters. If necessary, the services of a neutral mental health professional and neutral financial professional are retained to help resolve issues.

One of the distinguishing features of collaborative divorce is that the parties sign an agreement beforehand dictating that should the process break down, meaning one or both spouses want to pursue the case via the court system, the attorneys retained -- along with their work-product and insight -- can have no further involvement. This serves as a sort of insurance policy designed to help ensure that the negotiations remain cooperative and productive.

As to why a person would want to consider collaborative divorce, the reasons are perhaps too many to list in a single blog post. In short, however, participants are likely to save time, money and energy, feel better about both the outcome reached and the years ahead, and maintain an amicable relationship with their ex-spouse, which is of great importance if they have children.

At Frank Family Law Practice, we are firm believers in collaborative divorce. Indeed, our special training and extensive experience with the process has led us to believe that a divorce really can proceed with respect, honesty, dignity, fairness and cooperation.

To learn more about collaborative divorce and our services in this area, please visit our website.

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