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Served with a domestic violence injunction? How to deal

They say that anger is almost always a secondary emotion--dig deep and you will find that anger is really fueled by fear, betrayal or sadness. When a couple goes from loving each other to calling it quits, it is usually due to a series of disappointments, failed expectations and recriminations. No one walks down the aisle believing their marriage is temporary. So when you reach the point where you choose to no longer to be a couple, it is usually accompanied by a great deal of hurt.

Pros and cons of a "gray divorce"

America's population has been trending older for several years now. This is mainly due to a combination of increasing life spans and lower birth rates. Whatever the cause, though, our seniors are now living active, independent lives longer than ever before. With that, comes a premium on personal happiness, leading many people to make the difficult decision to leave decades-long unhappy marriages in a rash of what legal experts have termed "gray" divorces.

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