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Why collaborative divorce might be right for you

When people hear the term divorce, the words that most often come to mind are disrespect, mendacity, anger, frustration, and, of course, conflict. What if, however, the words that came to mind when a person thought of divorce were the exact opposite, meaning respect, honesty, dignity, fairness and cooperation.

Important considerations for women who outearn their spouse

In the not too-distant past, social norms dictated that when it came to family and work, there was a very distinct pattern to which married couples should adhere. Indeed, the role of primary breadwinner was to be filled by the husband, while the role of primary caregiver was to be filled by the wife.

Is the increasing divorce rate responsible for the decline in U.S. migration?

While chances are good that some of your closest friends, next-door neighbors or fellow co-workers are transplants, meaning at some point they packed up and moved here to Florida from another state, chances are also good that you've met increasingly fewer of these transplants over the years.

How QDROs factor into the division of retirement assets - III

In today's post, we'll conclude our ongoing discussion of qualified domestic relations orders, meaning the legally binding documents establishing the right of a former spouse -- referred to as the "alternate payee" -- to receive their share of ERISA-qualified retirement assets.  

How QDROs factor into the division of retirement assets - II

Last time, our blog began discussing how those couples who have been married longer have generally accumulated more assets, including retirement funds. We also discussed how if these couples someday make the difficult decision to legally dissolve their marriage, they should know that any division of these retirement funds -- from 401(k)s to profit sharing plans and pensions -- must be accompanied by what is known as a qualified domestic relation order.

How QDROs factor into the division of retirement assets

It perhaps goes without saying that the longer a couple has been married, the more complicated their divorce is likely to be. That's because they may have children, they may have arranged for one spouse to exit the workforce to help raise their children, and, of course, they may have accumulated more assets.

Why you should keep an open mind about a prenuptial agreement

If you and your companion recently decided to tie the knot, then chances are good you have already been hard at work creating a master list of all the people with whom you will need to meet in the coming months and all the tasks you will have to complete.

Common ways spouses hide assets in divorce

Whenever there are significant assets involved in divorce, there is the possibility that one spouse or the other may attempt to preempt having to equitably divide some of them by hiding or otherwise dispersing assets so that they are difficult to identify. While divorce is rarely an easy matter, this kind of dishonesty is a certain path for turning any divorce proceedings into a more complicated experience. Familiarizing yourself with these common ways a spouse may attempt to hide assets will help ensure your divorce is resolved more fairly in the long run.

Some initial considerations for those mulling divorce

While it's relatively difficult to pin down an exact figure, most academicians and family experts would likely agree that the divorce rate here in the U.S. probably sits between 40-50 percent. What this means is that at any given time, there are men and women actively considering whether to move ahead with what could simultaneously prove to be one of the most difficult and the most liberating decisions of their life.

How much do you know about alternatives to traditional divorce? - II

In a previous post, we began exploring how couples who make the difficult decision to end their marriage will be confronted with a host of important questions right out of the gate, including the exceedingly important inquiry of how exactly they want their divorce to proceed.

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